Monday, December 26, 2022

Hand carving holiday stamps with Carve December

After doing 100 Days of Printmaking earlier this year, and participating in Print Ink*tober Challenge, I hopped on board for Carve December Challenge with Julie at Balzer Designs.

Day 25 of Carve December

I followed most of the daily prompts but also felt free to carve what I wanted if the muse took another direction. Here are a few of my more successful prints...

Day 24 of Carve December.

I enjoy doing repreats with hand carved stamps.

Various days from Carve December 2022.

Slow drawing was added to a few of the prints for details that I'm not able to achieve with carving. I like combining the two techniques.

Carve December Day 17 prompt: intricate.

Carve December Day 3 prompt: dotty.

I combined four stamps to create Christmas cards.

Four stamps combined on the front of my Christmas card.

Inside the greeting card.

Just a few more days remain in Carve December. 

Printmaking results and supplies.

And my hand carved stamp collection continues to grow.

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