Monday, October 3, 2022

An October printmaking adventure with Print•Inktober

Break out the hand carved stamps, ink pads, and sketchbook for the Print•Inktober Challenge!

Collection of hand carved stamps ready for the Print•Inktober Challenge.

What is Print•Inktober?

Print•Inktober is a free, online, daily Challenge, hosted by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer of Balzer Designs  taking place the month of October. The purpose of the Challenge is to get your stamps out of the closet and into use! 

Like many online Challenges, Print•Inktober offers a inspiration prompt for each day of the month. Participants can follow the prompt (or not), post their daily print, and enjoy the creations of other participants. Here is what's in store for this year:

I have a lovely collection of hand carved rubber stamps from doing the The 100 Day Project—100 Days of patterns and textures with hand carved stamps. The Print•Inktober Challenge is a great way to get them out and print with them again. 

A warm-up page.

After pulling out my stamps and ink pads yesterday, I did a little warm-up page in preparation of the Day 1 prompt: Circle. 

Day 1 prompt: Circle

It will be fun to get back into printmaking this month. After my daily practice in the 100 Day Project, I expect to incorporate watercolors and slow drawing into the stamped patterns... and filling more pages in the sketchbook!

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