Sunday, May 1, 2022

May is the month for Slow Fashion challenges

May 1 is the first day of the Slow Fashion Challenge 2022. The Challenge is hosted by Louise Kane of ReAdorn London, Sharmon Lebby of Blessed Designs, and Amy Daileda of Vivid Element. This is the 6th year and they've modified the Challenge—with daily prompts—to span only 14 days. 

I'm going to give it a go. 

Slow Fashion Challenge 2022 daily prompts.

Slow fashion and sustainability

In prepping for the Show Fashion Challenge, a little research revealed this information from a Slow Fashion USA social media post: 

What is slow fashion? We ask ourselves this question constantly. In 1987 the UN defined sustainable as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

It's a LOT to think about!

At a personal level

While I don't work directly in the [fast] fashion industry, I do have a role in the textile industry. On a personal level, I make some of my own garments (personal fashion). So, I have choices on what and where I source the fabrics and materials I use in my projects, and I have control over the care, use, and longevity of these items.

I hope to become more aware about the issues and goals of the Slow Fashion movement through this challenge. My initial pledge would be to slow down, make mindful purchasing decisions, buy better, and support small businesses. Through this challenge, I hope to learn more about better care methods, mending, repurposing/re-engineering garments (and fabric scraps) so I can use pieces longer before retiring them.

Me Made May

On another note, the Me-Made-May Challenge begins today as well. This Challenge is in its 13th year and it's set up with the purpose of getting better acquainted with your self-made—or "me-made"—wardrobe. If you are a maker, I think it plays perfectly with the Slow Fashion Challenge. 

Me Made May 2022

Enjoy these May activities whether you follow them or participate in them.

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