Sunday, February 7, 2021

Week 1 of the 100 Day Hexie Project: it's about the tools

Progress: the first 7 days of my 100 Day Project, #100daysofepphexies. 

January 31 through February 6 of The 100 Day Project.

I'm using 3/4" hexagon papers for English paper piecing [EPP] and selective cutting (fussy cutting) motifs from the fabrics. 

3/4" hexagons with fussy cut images.

Initially, I thought I would do a single hexie a day. However... there are often multiple images on a piece of fabric—the same image or different, but related—that shout out to be included. As long as I'm tracing and cutting, I might as well take advantage of what that fabric offers.

There were multiple kitties on this Small Things Pets fabric by Lewis and Irene.

Daily posts of The 100 Day Project are on my Instagram [veronica.fiberantics] and Facebook feeds. One of my friends commented that she was impressed that I liked all the handwork. 

Confession: I'm using a fabric glue pen to glue-baste these hexies. I haven't been thread basting any of these hexies.

Back side of the hexie EPP pieces. Fabric is glue-basted with the glue pen.

It's all about the right tools to: 
  • make the process more efficient, 
  • make it more accurate, 
  • make the assembly easier or quicker, 
  • ______ (fill in the blank).
  • and, in the end, to enjoy the process more! 
That's what it's all about—enjoying the process. Don't you think?

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