Saturday, March 21, 2020

Celebrate National Quilting Day

Celebrate Quilts and Quiltmaking today!

National Quilting Day
Celebrate quilts and quiltmaking, March 21, 2020.

  • Hang a quilt outside your home. Make someone smile!
  • Contact YLQS (your local quilt shop) and order something so you can...
  • Start a quilt, work on a quilt, finish a quilt.
  • Make a quilt for someone else.
  • Make a quilt for charity.
  • Dig out your UFOs and do something with them (finish, repurpose, or give away).
  • Make something with orphan blocks (they don't have to be your blocks).
  • Play in your fabric scraps.
  • Work on your Guild Challenge.
  • Organize your quilting space... so you can do one or more of the above!

We've got a quilt hanging on the railing today. What's your plan of action?

(Geesh, that ironwork needs a paint job...)
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