Sunday, July 14, 2019

Destashing yields 49 Tea Cup blocks

Sometimes a "simple sew" is just the ticket needed to move miscellaneous fabric pieces from the stash... to something useful.

tea cup quilt blocks
Fabric pieces from my stash and several completed Tea Cup blocks.

Last month, my quilt guild, the Choo Choo Quilters, introduced the Tea Cup block and proposed a color scheme for a quilt for our charity quilt project. This block pattern was a welcome change from the precision patchwork I've been doing on my #100Days100Blocks and Farmer's Wife projects. So, I sent myself on a hunt through my fabric stash.

The Tea Cup block

I'm not quite sure why this is called the Tea Cup, but it's as relaxing as a brew of English Breakfast or Earl Grey in one of Gram's green depression era teacups (complete with a saucer!). It's an easy quilt block that can be made with pre-cut 10" squares or, in my case, stash fabrics. Here is a video for this block's cutting and assembly.

At first it was challenging to find fabrics in the coral/peach and dusty blue color scheme, but after digging a while in the stash, I uncovered pieces I thought would meet the requirements.
tea cup block pieces
Pre-cut pieces ready for chain piecing the Tea Cup blocks.

As some of my fabric pieces were not 10" squares, I calculated the size of the block's units and cut individual pieces as needed.

Tea Cup blocks in a 7 x 7 layout.

The Tea Cup block has only 4 seams and trims to 9" square—a fast sew. It was not long before I had 24... then 30... then 42... then 49 blocks.

easy tea cup quilt blocks
49 Tea Cup blocks.

My guild is making bed-size quilts this year for our charity. A solid block setting (no sashing or borders) in an 8 x 9 layout will meet the size that's needed. If time permits, I may do another dive into the stash and make a few more Tea Cup blocks.

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