Sunday, August 28, 2016

ATCs: My Town; In the Kitchen

"Chattanooga and Moon Pies"
by Karen Downer
We had two themes for our Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap this month. I made an update to the themes early in 2016 after posting them late in 2015. Everyone did not receive the update, so today we get a double-header of ATCs for August. Nothing wrong with that! The two themes for August are "My Town," and "In the Kitchen."

There was no mistaken about the interpretations of the theme, My Town, in the first set of ATCs. Landmarks, trademarks, special events and even a little city politics were illustrated in these cards.

"You can take the girl out of the Windy City...
but she'll still be a Chicago White Sox [Chicago Blackhawks] fan."
by Veronica Hofman-Ortega
This next ATC has a real life story (or should I say drama?) behind it. I was in Memphis right about the time my friend, Marilyn, received a notice from the city that someone had complained about the garden in her front yard. Apparently some [cowardly?] neighbor disagreed with Marilyn's arrangement or choices of plants and greenery.
"One Woman's Garden is a City's Weeds."
by Marilyn League
If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Marilyn in person, she is bright, kind, caring, generous, creative, easy-going and funny. She also has strong character and a tenacity for what it right. So, she didn't roll over and let this go without voicing her side of the story. The garden in her front yard? As of this day, it's still blooming... and she has not gotten a reply from her rebuttal. Another example proving that there is inspiration for your art anywhere—drama, local politics and in the garden.
Back view of "One Woman's Garden" ATC.
Cathy from Arlington Heights, Illinois, says she's been to the horse races twice, despite the fact that the "Arlington Million," an international event, runs in her home town. It was held just recently on August 13, 2016.
"My hometown, Arlington Heights, IL"
by Cathy Dillon
And here are the ATCs depicting the alternate theme, In the Kitchen. Can you smell the cookies and other sweets baking in the over?
"In the Kitchen" by Diane Pineschi
"In the Kitchen" by Dawn Spagna
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