Thursday, January 7, 2016

Novelty zippered pouches—a quick make

Got miscellaneous bits and baubles that need to stay together? Small tools, pencils, art supplies, that you need to carry around? Working on a small project that you take on-the-go? These cute little pouches do the trick to keep all your stuff together and safely stored. 
Small pouch: Natural Wonders fabric by Elizabeth Isles.
Large pouch: A Cat Tale by Sarah Frederking.

[Note: these fabrics are likely no longer available, but at the time of the post, they were purchased at Chattanooga Quilts and Sew 'n So Quilt Shop.]

I whipped up several of these pouches in December for holiday gifts. They are easy to make and fairly quick (depending on how much piecing and quilting you want to do), but best of all, you can customize them by using novelty fabrics that suit the likes or hobbies of the recipient.

Novelty zippered pouches make great gifts.
They can be personalized using novelty fabrics reflecting
 the likes or hobbies of the recipient.

This blue one was for my niece with the thought she can carry her pencils, paintbrushes and other art supplies in it. I thought she'd like the colorful improv piecing.

Novelty Zippered Pouch

The inside of it has bats. Don't they look like they're flying around inside the bag trying to escape? This purple bat fabric was from the Spooktacular collection by Western Denim and Dirt. [If you like this fabric, check with YLQS (your local quilt shop) as it might be on sale this time of year.]

Zippered Pouch with Spooktacular bats inside.
Recently, I was asked to do a class on how to put in a zipper. I think this project fits the bill. Stay tuned...
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