Sunday, January 31, 2016

ATCs: Houses

It's 2016 and FiberAntics (that would be me) is kicking off the 8th year of my FiberAntics ATC [Artist Trading Card] swap! Can I get a big Woot Woot?

"Our House" is a very, very, very fine house... with two cats in the yard...
by Veronica Hofman-Ortega
I am well into filling my fourth big, fat, 3-ring binder (all my binders have a 3" spine) with pocketed pages of beautiful, creative, heart-felt, amazingly clever and often hysterically entertaining pieces of mini-art from creatives and makers across the country. Thank You, All! 

Many friendships have formed through these trades and I feel a personal connection with many of the long-time participants (who are still trading with me!)—even though I've never met nor talked to some of them (expect via e-mail). It's also fun getting to know the more recent participants as well. It's wonderful to be able to realize and be witness to what "Art" can bring into your life.

As a retrospective, all the ATC themes from 2009 to the present are posted here, (go and take a look at the topics we've covered) and the vast majority of the ATCs can be seen in posts throughout this blog. The first post that included the ATCs was in July 2009. [Try the "Search this Blog" widget in the left column of this page, by typing in "ATC" to see others.]

The theme for the January 2016 ATC swap was "Houses." Below are what came in the squishy envelopes this month. And, here is Graham Nash with David Crosby and Steven Stills singing "Our House" to accompany your viewing pleasure. (go ahead, sing along...)
"For the Birds" by Karen Downer

"Houses" by Debbie Joyner
This ATC by Cathy is interactive. It's a little book.
"You Can't Go Home Again" by Cathy Dillon (front)
the inside...
"You Can't Go Home Again" by Cathy Dillon (inside)

"Houses" by Bonnie Stevens

"From the Big House" by Diane Pineschi

"Houses" by Dawn Spagna
A few ATC artists turned their "Houses" into "homes." On the back of Sharon's card is this notation, "I have a picture hanging on my wall with this saying on it, and my Mother had it before me."
"Houses are made of brick and stone. Homes are made of Love alone!"
by Sharon Joyner Griffith

"My Happy Home" by Marilyn League
Sometimes the theme of the ATC swaps inspires traders to make one-of-a-kind cards or a series (each card slightly different). Here are more Houses ATCs for you to enjoy.
"Houses" by Dawn Spagna

"Houses" by Debbie Joyner

"Houses" by Dawn Spagna

"Houses" by Debbie Joyner

"Houses" by Dawn Spagna

"Houses" by Dawn Spagna

"Houses" by Debbie Joyner 

"Houses" by Debbie Joyner

"Houses" by Dawn Spagna
And from me to all of you: Look forward to another year of fabulous Artist Trading Cards!
"Houses" by Dawn Spagna


  1. They are wonderful Veronica...Looking forward to the New Year...Thanks for putting this together and keeping it together for us.....Happy New Year everyone!

    1. Happy New Year, Sharon! So happy you're participating in the ATC swaps again this year.


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