Monday, November 23, 2015

Mixed media fun at Ephemera Paducah

My mixed media Christmas tree canvas
from class at Ephemera Paducah.
Don't you love it when a spontaneous invitation magically crosses your path—or pops into your InBox? I was fortunate to have this happen last week while traveling to Paducah, KY.

I contacted art friends Rose and Kristin to see if they were free for dinner while I was in town. For different reasons, they were both unavailable... but Kristin declined the dinner invite because she was hosting Mixed Media Night at her shop, Ephemera Paducah. She was teaching this Christmas Tree canvas à la Christy Tomlinson and said, "if you get a wild hair… stop by."

What an unexpected opportunity for me and a wonderful change of pace from quilting and fabric. Yes, I'm there!

So I joined in and it was so much fun hanging out with Kristin and her mixed media group of paper crafters and scrapbookers. These paper artists have a slightly different style and process than quilters and fabric people, but it was good to get out of my comfort zone and try creating with different tools and materials.
Starting with a blank canvas (literally) and tissue papers.
Instead of fabric… it was paper. Instead of thread and stitch… it was gel medium. Instead of a quilt sandwich… it was a canvas. It was glorious, stress-free and liberating! (Also a nice change of scenery to be on the other side of the teaching podium.)

Kristin's introduction to the class started with one of the fundamental rules of mixed media, "It's only paper!" With that, everyone smiled and was at ease. I think the axiom to this rule in the quilting world is, "It's only fabric." No problem, I can work with that.
Kristin (center) teaching the mixed media project to the scrapbookers.
We worked with paper, paint and stencilled layers to build up the canvas. One of the final steps to the project entailed the "Glitter Station." Need I say more??
Glitter station at Mixed Media Nite.
In the front area of the store, Knit Night was also happening that evening, so there was wall-to-wall creative energy flowing throughout. (Hi again to Maureen, Haley and Cathy from Paper Pieces!) Mixed media workshop students could take advantage of a 25% discount that day on supplies and most other Ephemera goodies… another reason to visit and take a class.

Kristin is a fabulous instructor and Ephemera's proprietor and you're sure to meet other like-minded makers and creatives when you stop in. The Ephemera web site has a calendar of on-going activities and special upcoming workshops with national instructors. Make time for a visit next time you're in or near Paducah.
Ephemera Paducah at night.
"Night, night, Epherma!" Until next time...
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