Monday, November 2, 2015

ATCs: Symbols

"Google it!" by Sharon Griffith
Along with her ATCs [Artist Trading Cards], one of the FiberAntics ATC traders included a note this month saying, "I loved the possibilities with this month's theme." Another said, "… I sat down at my computer and thought… I will Google it..." and before the results loaded into the browser window, the Search engine became the response to the October ATC theme, Symbols.

Indeed, the possibilities for symbols are wide and varied. From everyday signage to emblems with historical, sacred or cultural meanings, we are surrounded by symbols that reflect the past, present and future. Perhaps you recognize some of these.
"Always relieved to find this symbol."
by Bonnie Stevens

"A life cut short" Victorian funerary symbol
by Marilyn League

"The Tudor Rose" by Cathy Dillon

"Fight!" October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
by Veronica Hofman-Ortega

"World renown symbol for McDonalds"
by Liz Armstrong

"Idol" by Patti Moreland

"Triskelion Book with an ancient Celtic symbol" by Karen Downer

"Money" by Dawn Spagna

"Musical Notes, symbol of music" by Debbie Joyner
"Heart" by Diane Pineschi
You can even find symbols in the funny papers:

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