Friday, July 3, 2015

ATCs: Things with Wings

"Things with Wings"
by Dawn Spagna
Do pigs fly?!

The Artist Trading Card (ATC) theme in June was "Things with Wings." And I guess this image is proof they do.

Complements of the ATC artists that participated in the FiberAntics June swap, here are other magical and mythical things with wings.

"Dream" by Marilyn League

"Things with Wings"
by Diane Penischi
"Birds" by Veronica Hofman-Ortega

"Things with Wings"
by Karen Downer

"Things with Wings—My Home" by Bonnie Stevens

"Things with Wings: KFC"
by Liz Armstrong

"Things with Wings" by Debbie Joyner
 I couldn't resist including this one with the two little ones sleeping—another by Dawn.
"Things with Wings" by Dawn Spagna
And, of course, everyone has at least one angel. Does yours have her/his wings?
"Does your Angel have Wings?"
by Sharon Griffith
This month, I finally got to trade ATCs in person with a long-time participant in my ATC swaps, Marilyn League. We met for Memphis BBQ last week at Central BBQ. Talked the whole evening long… art, ATCs, fabric, quilting, garment sewing... to name a few. Had a great time! Thanks, Marilyn.
Marilyn League (left) and me at Central BBQ,
Memphis, TN.
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