Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Celebrating "Luther Day" making a kitty quilt

On Monday night, I did a little improv free-motion quilting on one of my multiple WIPs [works in progress]—another kitty quilt for the Cat Clinic. I am so enchanted with Jesse the Wonder Cat who you can see with his kitty quilt in this post. These small quilts put my collection of scraps and miscellaneous patchwork to good use and give me the opportunity for stress free, free-motion practice—and for a good cause.
Kitty Quilt with improvisational piecing and free motion quilting.
The Cat Clinic, a sponsor of The Art's Meow annual art show and sale, has several cat-themed art pieces in the waiting area and in the examination rooms. These little improv quilts seem to fit right in.
Free-motion quilting on a small kitty quilt.
The random patchwork and melange of prints and colors of the textiles, along with the other art pieces, add a sense of conviviality, frivolity and playfulness to the atmosphere. I like to think the kitties are cool with the improv piecing and free-style quilting on these quilts, too.
Free-motion quilting (detail).
On Jesse's Facebook page, he mentioned Chattanooga's radio personality, the late Luther Masingill, who was instrumental in helping people find lost pets, and David Carroll's blog post about "Luther Day," March 9. So, in honor of Luther Day, here's another kitty quilt for Jesse and his friends.

We all miss you, Luther. You were one in a billion.
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