Tuesday, March 31, 2015

ATCs: Herbs

"Herbs" by Marilyn League
So, do you pronounce the "H" or is it silent?

I guess it depends on what—or who—you're talking about when you're talking about "Herbs."

In the March FiberAntics ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap, the theme was "Herbs" and the ATC artists both vocalized the capital "H" and let it fall silent. They illustrated the medicinal, sacred, ornamental, culinary and musical aspects of herbs with paper, fabric, stitch, various drawing, painting and image transfer materials and even included seeds and actual dried herbs with their cards.

Here is the assortment of Herbs from this month's ATC traders.

Ya gotta love these cards… they cover all the bases.

"Herbs" by Dawn Spagna
"Herbs" by Lisa Howard

Here are two of my favorite culinary herbs.
"Herbs" by Cathy Dillon

This ATC (below) incorporates an Eric Schiabor watercolor image transferred to Lutradur using TAP (transfer artist paper) and heat. The ATC artist states that the Lutradur can perform as paper or fabric and receives inks and paints adding its own texture.
"Herbes de Provence" by Karen Downer
Also included behind the Lutradur artwork (above) is a bag of Herbes de Provence. The McCormick company purchased the French company producing Herbes de Provence for American consumption. It is now packaged in the US. This artist recommends putting the herbs in olive oil or melted butter and brushing them on grilled meat or bread.

"Lavender" by Carlene Jacobsen

A little "homegrown goodness" is included with this ATC for fellow traders to grow themselves.
"Herbs" by Sharon Joyner Griffith
"Herbs" by Debbie Joyner
Frankincense is a sacred herb. Chives is a culinary herb.

This next ATC features music great, Herb Alpert, from Tijuana Brass fame. Did you know that Alpert is the "A" in the recording label A&M Records?
"Herbs" by Diane Pineschi
"Marjarom—for your zucchini" by Bonnie Stevens

Ever wonder how to substitute dried or fresh herbs if you have one but not the other? The ratio is 3 measures of fresh for 1 measure of dried. Dried herbs have more potency than their fresh counterparts.
"Herbs  3:1 (fresh-to-dried ratio)" by Veronica Hofman-Ortega

In a nutshell, here are the health benefits for various herbs.
"Herbs. Did you know there were benefits?"
by Liz Armstrong
A new trader to the group made her ATCs in a series. They were too beautiful to share only one image, so here are a few others for your visual enjoyment.
"Herbs" by Dawn Spagna
"Herbs" by Dawn Spagna
"Herbs" by Dawn Spagna
"Herbs" by Dawn Spagna
"Herbs" by Dawn Spagna
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