Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Volunteering: behind the scenes at QuiltWeek Chattanooga

Several guild friends and I had the opportunity to help hang the quilts for the AQS show in Chattanooga. Here is a photo chronicle of the two days prior to the show.
Terry Guill, with Michelle Duffy, AQS,
explains the quilt unpacking and hanging processes.
The AQS staff were great to work with and the process was so well executed. Chattanooga quilters were pleased to hear the compliments about the Chattanooga Convention Center facility—especially the natural light that this venue affords an exhibit comprised of stunning quilt artistry such as this.
Volunteers waiting to enter the showroom.
The hanging system is engineered for easy installation. All the equipment, tools and props are in a wooden crate with wheels. This storage crate is wheeled where needed from exhibit space to exhibit space.
Hanging system.
Entering the convention show room, the boxes, signage and displays are laid out on the floor. Vendors are bringing in their displays, racks, shelves and products to set up their booths.
Moving in and setting up.
We used the "pot passers" to hang the corded hooks on the curtained walls.
Quilt hanging system.
Setting up the various quilt exhibits.
Sliding rods into the quilt sleeves.
Sliding the rod into the quilt sleeve.
All the volunteers and AQS staff wore white gloves to handle the quilts.
Sliding the rod into the quilt sleeve.
Raising the quilts.
Raising the quilts.
Raising the quilts.

The "Welcome to Chattanooga QuiltWeek" sign lets you know you're in the right place!
QuiltWeek sign in the Chattanooga Convention Center main hall.
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