Sunday, September 28, 2014

ATCs: Nine

As I opened the squishy envelopes filled with this month's ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), I knew immediately who the quilters were. The theme for September was "Nine." Looking at these cards, can you tell what was on everyone's mind?
(A stitch in time saves nine!)
by Karen Downer

"9" by Marilyn League

"9" (The disappearing 9 patch)
by Linda Smith

"Dressed to the 9's"
by Lisa Howard

"9 pins in a row"
(for safety, don't you know???)
by Liz Armstrong
(My favorite) "Nine" (Beethoven's)
by Bonnie Stevens

—After 8 and Before 10—
by Carlene Jacobsen

"This is what you get when you mix a blackboard
with some glow in the dark paint. A Domino"
by Sharon Griffith
"Let me count the ways."
by Cathy Dillon
by Veronica Hofman-Ortega
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