Sunday, June 29, 2014

ATCs: From the Deck: Royalty cards

Are you ready for the second installment of the 3-tiered Artist Trading Card (ATC) theme, "From the Deck"? Last month, ATC artists tackled the Aces and Jokers. This month, the royalty cards—Kings, Queens and Jacks—are featured. Once again, the ATCs are creative and witty.

So, without further hesitation, strike up the band and take a look at the Kings, Queens and Jacks stepping outside the proverbial confines of the 52.
"Kings and Queens do the Cha-Cha"
by Liz Armstrong
"Queen of the Polyester Pantsuit"
by Marilyn League
"King, Queen, Jack"
by Lisa Howard
"The Queen of Cakes"
by Veronica Hofman-Ortega
This next Queen has hosted an annual soirée at her castle for a group of friends for the past 40 years. They all go out to dinner wearing their crowns.
"(My) Face Card—Queen Bonnie sending love…"
by Bonnie Stevens
For all the quilters, here is the Empress Sue with her bejeweled straight pin scepter.
"Sue: Long live the Queen"
by Cathy Dillon
Remember, you should never leave home without your "Royalty Card."
"We all have a Royal Cloak now!"
by Sharon Griffith
This ATC ID tag comes complete with a ribbon tie. Enclosed instructions indicate to use it to identify The Queen's [your] stuff.
"Proof of Identification: you are the queen of your world."
by Karen Downer
And, have you ever wondered what all those picture cards are doing when you're not playing with them?? Alone in the deck… all stacked together amidst the clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades… left to their own devices...

"The Secret Life of Cards" (outside)
by Linda Smith

 Royal canoodling!
"The Secret Life of Cards" (inside)
by Linda Smith
Oh, my!
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