Sunday, June 1, 2014

ATCs: From the Deck: Aces and Jokers

"Aces and Jokers in the Funny Pages" (back)
by Linda Smith
Are you an Ace or are you a Joker?

The FiberAntics ATC artists might be a combination of both.

The Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) from the May trade featured cards "From the Deck: Aces and Jokers." The "From the Deck" theme will span 3 months from May through July. Subsequent months will feature the face cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks) and in July, the numbered suit cards will be featured.

"Aces and Jokers in the Funny Pages" (front)
by Linda Smith

"Aces and Jokers"
by Liz Armstrong

"Jokers R Wild!"
by Marilyn League

"From the Deck"
A little bit of Spain's Gaudi…
By Karen Downer

"Jokers and Aces"
By Sharon Griffith

"Beware of the Joker"
By Cathy Dillon
"Beware of the Joker" (inside flap)
By Cathy Dillon

"Heath Ledger as The Joker"
By Veronica Hofman-Ortega
"The Joker"
Ha Ha—the joke's on me.
By Bonnie Stevens
Stay tuned for more cards "From the Deck" as ATC artists interpret the face cards next month.
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