Thursday, December 12, 2013

Make it faux

Have you ever knitted with a self-patterning yarn? It's so "faux" much fun! The "Twi-Fall" cap by Jennifer Stover (patten found on Ravelry) is a 2-evening knit (or one, if you keep at it).
"Twi-Fall" cap by Jennifer Stover in Classic Worsted Tapestry.
Using Classic Worsted Tapestry [Universal Yarn] in color: Party Time, this cap knits up in a pseudo Fair Isle pattern without the colorwork fuss… no floats, no charts, and only one strand. How easy is that???
A diagonal rib band is interesting yet is as easy as k2, p2.
You'll have to read how Jennifer came up with this diagonal rib pattern (ever try knitting in the dark during a double feature?). Cool effect and actually pretty easy. After analyzing the 4-row pattern, it's basically k2, p2 over an odd number of stitches. Note: Just ignore the beg of round marker as you come around each round and keep going with k2, p2... the two inch band will be finished in no time.
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Here's what this self-patterning yarn offers at the crown of the cap—a somewhat Impressionistic-style stripe-in-the-round. I'm also curious to see what this yarn will do on Tetiana Otruta's Star Noro Hat. I have about a half of the Party Time ball left… I may try it. Faux, faux, faux!
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