Friday, December 20, 2013

Are you a Gadget Hound?

OMGosh! I was re-organizing my space and came across all these. I didn't think I was such a gadget glutton… but, maybe I am???
Rulers, templates and assorted "acrylic quilting tools."
I've been quiltmaking for over 15 years and I know I've had all of these for quite a while (forgot I had them, actually). When I was a new quilter, I took lots of classes, workshops, participated in guild programs, went to quilt shows and attended lectures. I think I got enamored by the class projects and presentations by national instructors and got swept away by the excitement and potential for all the creativity before me.

Are you a gadget hound, too? Maybe you should do a sewing room re-org and find out.


  1. Yes, my sewing room re-organization has produced a multitude of gadgets. And Fabric Inks - who knew?

    1. Oh, fabric inks… you hit the jackpot!


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