Sunday, June 9, 2013

What's inside Brown Bag #3...

The contents of this month's Brown Bag Challenge was a welcome challenge for me. This quilter was gifted with some mid-20th century quilt blocks that she challenged the Brown Bag participants to use for a quilt for a [male] family member. I've done several "time-span" quilts with orphan blocks salvaged from yard sales and on-line auctions and I feel the original—often anonymous—quilt maker is pleased to know her blocks have found their way into a finished quilt. These blocks will go the route of a guild Challenge to end up in a quilt.
The vintage blocks from Brown Bag #3.
Previous participants did some deconstruction of the blocks. What a great idea to introduce additional pattern and interest and give a new look to a traditional block.
Deconstructed blocks.
I decided to search for some companion fabrics to showcase these vintage blocks, so I took a few of them on the road with me to my Blank Quilting sales calls. I found several wonderful geometrics and reproduction prints to coordinate with the vintage blocks. These fabrics also introduced some color into the background and modernized the look and feel of the quilt.
I introduced color and additional prints to showcase the vintage quilt blocks.
One of the specifications from the owner of this bag was to make a "contemporary" quilt from mid-century quilt blocks. After much deliberation with several fabrics, I think a black/white print answered this request best.
A black/white geometric print brings a contemporary feel to this time-span quilt.
There was some "creative sewing" required to get the size of the vintage blocks consistent. All in all, I think this time-span quilt is off to a great start!
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