Friday, June 28, 2013

ATCs: Things found on restaurant napkins

I wasn't sure what the June ATC theme, "Things found on restaurant napkins," would bring, but I put it out there anyway. After pondering this theme myself for several weeks, I found I had to hone my skills of observation while having meals from various take-out or at sit-down eateries. Paper napkins can be a pretty insignificant item in the grand scheme of preparing, serving and eating a meal—unless, of course, you bite into a juicy burger or a jelly-filled donut. 

If you let your imagination run, you could envision some funny, unexpected, revealing, or even icky things that might be found on restaurant napkins. (We won't get into the icky bits...) Instead, enjoy the following ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and see how ATC artists interpreted this month's theme.
"She liked her men like her cocktails...
neat, but with a twist."
"Lipstitch—machine embroidered lipstick."
"Things you find on a napkin."
"Notes from a tryst."
"Logos, lipstick and calorie counts."
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