Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just about an inch to go...

Completed vest from my
Cool Cotton Vest workshop.
Ever wonder what stopped you from finishing a project? I don't remember what distracted me from finishing this knitted vest...

... but a lunch out with a few knitters who have been in my knitting classes (one of whom was wearing her finished vest) prompted me to revisit this project.

So, last Tuesday I pulled out the vest from its project tote bag (you can't have too many tote bags, I always say), and there was about an inch left to knit on the right front, and a 3-needle bind-off at the shoulders (the left front was finished)! This vest was knit in the round, so there are no side seams. We're talking all of 16 stitches in the row... that decreased down to 14... and then the bind off. Geesh... that was all!

A little over an hour later the vest was finished—including attaching the button, sewing the pocket linings and weaving in the ends.

The yarn we used for the vest is Cotton Supreme by Universal Yarn (so soft!) and the pattern is the Vaill Island Vest by Gwynn Erickson for Halcyon Yarn. The slip stitch garter pattern is easy and rhythmical and the vertical demarcation from the slip stitch is slimming on the body.
Vaille Island vest in Cotton Supreme.
This vest has a side vent detail. The lined pockets were a pattern modification so my students could learn another technique in the class.
Side vent of cotton vest.
Thanks to my knitting students, I have a great new knit vest, one less UFO (unfinished object), and a new empty tote bag... which is a good thing as I just returned from Stitches South.
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