Thursday, April 25, 2013

Harmonic Convergence quilts: contemporary and timeless

Ricky Tims' Harmonic Convergence quilt technique has been around for a while, but the results are always so amazing that the technique seems timeless. I was browsing through my iPhoto archives and found pictures of two Harmonic Convergence quilts that my friend, Gerry, pieced and asked me to quilt for her.

Gerry has a great eye for pattern and color, and her piecing is impeccable. I think my quilting did justice to her beautiful workmanship. Take a look... and if you like these quilts, I'll be teaching this class on May 2 at Ready Set Sew in Chattanooga. Join me and I'll walk you through the creation of your own spectacular Harmonic Convergence quilt.
Harmonic Convergence, front detail.
Harmonic Convergence, back view.
Detail of appliqué.
Here is the full quilt (unbound).
Harmonic Convergence, full view.
This is the second in Gerry's Harmonic Convergence series. Like potato chips, you can't have (or make) just one.
Harmonic Convergence, detail.
This one has a unique complementary color scheme with the deep, burnt orange and a powdery light blue. I quilted a combination of circular swirls...
Harmonic Convergence, detail.
... and leaves/flames running on the diagonal. With this complementary color scheme, I changed the threads so the thread color would blend with the fabrics.
Harmonic Convergence, detail.
Isn't the border fabric spectacular? The circles are an excellent complement to the horizontal and vertical lines in the center. Here is the full view.
Harmonic Convergence, full view.
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