Thursday, June 21, 2012

Big News!

I won't make you wait too long, but want to give you a few hints about my latest, and very exciting news. Can you guess?
Gorgeous Prints.
Luscious Batiks.
Basics and Blenders--a generous array of supporting cast members.
Have an idea?
Festive Holiday prints.
Wide Backs at 108".
Figured it out yet?
More Blenders covering the full color gamut.
And, here's the total give-it-away hint... (from a beautiful and thoughtful card I received from my good friend, Vista.)
Coming to a quilt shop near you...
Say hello to the new fabric rep for Blank Quilting
That's me! 
I'll be covering Tennessee, northern Alabama, southern Kentucky and bits of Georgia. The boundaries of my territory are still being worked out but I'm looking forward to visiting all the shops, meeting the shop owners and all you quilters out there.

So, tell me what you like to see in your quilting fabrics—prints, designs, colors or projects. Let me know what's missing. Tell me what's  hard to find. And, what you want more of. I have a direct line to the people making the decisions and I'm more that happy to pass along your thoughts, wishes and ideas.

I'm excited to be part of the Blank Quilting Team. Blank Quilting has a full service line of prints, florals, batiks, basics, neutrals, blenders and wide backings. The color palette and undertones are consistent across the lines so you can combine prints, solids, florals, blendersgeometrics from different Blank fabric collections and they all enhance and support each other. My students have often heard me preach that I adhere to the quilting philosophy, "Why use 5 fabrics when you can use 50??"

Go out, support YLS (your local shop), and buy Blank Quilting fabrics! I'll be letting you know the stores that carry them through this blog.

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