Saturday, June 30, 2012

ATCs: Technology

From mechanical to digital, our life, work and play have evolved through innovative and inventive applications of various technologies. The ATC theme for June was "Technology" and the ATCs were quite elaborate this month. ATC artists portrayed various aspects—and eras—of technology from the invention of the manual typewriter in 1868 to its replacement with the personal home computer in the 1980s.

For me technology is a love/hate relationship. I love it when it works, and hate it when it doesn't. So, enjoy the evolution, or should I say "revolution"?
Left: "Technology. It's a love/hate relationship."
Right: "Technology"
"Technology: Wireless"
Sunspots (below) are thousands of times bigger than earth and millions of miles away. The National Solar Observatory (NM) uses high resolution photography to study their lifecycle.
"Seeing Spots?"
The development of the camera obscura produced this vintage piece of technology. Today we use digital technology to take and share photos.
Oh, and the advancements of the telephone. What would Alexander think of voice-directed, wireless mobile phones with built-in GPS and internet capabilities?
This is a great flip-up ATC (below). Sooooo... what's behind your nice neat desk? Can you relate???
"Technology. (It can get messy.)"
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