Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fiber Art inspired by Coffee Mugs

My fiber arts guild, the Riverbend Fiber Arts Guild, is presenting its second annual Guild Challenge this Saturday. The Challenge theme is "Fiber and Caffeine get me going..." and members were to create a tote bag inspired by a favorite coffee mug. We've had 11 months to design and work on our entries... and the big reveal is this Saturday.
Riverbend Fiber Arts Guild Challenge 2011
I've got my entry form filled out with my Artist's Statement (check!). We're required to bring the coffee mug that inspired out piece (go that). And, I'm the team lead for this year's Challenge, so I've been coordinating the day's agenda, preparing the presentation and getting the ballots ready (off to the printer's this afternoon). I'm also teaching Colorwork Knitting this evening and a Free-motion Quilting class tomorrow, so I'm running around like a crazy woman...

Without giving too much away, here is a little preview of my piece. Wish me luck!
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