Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ATCs: Memorable lines from the Movies, and a Challenge

What is your movie genre of choice? Do you have a favorite movie heartthrob? Maybe these memorable lines from the movies—depicted here in Artist Trading Cards—will remind you of some silver screen classics. Can you guess the movie and the character who said theses lines?
Left: "Shaken, not stirred."
Right: "Play Misty for me."
Left: "Help me, Cecile!"
Right: "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."
The ATC artist who created the ATC below has issued a Challenge. The first person to correctly identify who said the line and in what movie, will receive a gift from her. Leave a comment below if you want to take a guess.
Above: "A well's a hole in the ground, Howard."


  1. Challenge on, Bonnie! This one has stumped my movie buff husband. Can't wait to have the name revealed. --Veronica

  2. Rosemary in "The bad and the beautiful" but that was a book.

    The movie was Picnic, 1955, "After Roz Russell's school-teacher has spent what seems like an eternity trying to get storekeeper Arthur O'Connell to marry her, he responds with a vague and ambiguous, "well", to which she sharply responds, "a well is a hole in the ground, Howard!"

  3. Quilt or Dye - You are right! Please contact me so that I can send you a little gift. Veronica has my email address.
    Picnic was a favorite movie of mine (and my sister) because of the sexy dance scene - and because of Rosiland Russell's wonderful delivery of the line, "A well's a hole in the ground, Howard."

  4. Well, I got the answer but it is posted already!
    Picnic, 1955.
    Fun challenge Bonnie!


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