Monday, December 21, 2020

The Winter Solstice and the Great Conjunction

December 21, 2020 is the Winter Solstice and the Great Conjunction. This evening, the two largest planets in our solar system—Jupiter and Saturn—came within .1 degree apart from each other. They nearly overlapped to form a "double planet." In our evening sky just after sundown, it looked like a red star beside a bright white star... which then sank into the horizon.

Blocks from The Farmer's Wife sampler

This astronomical event reminded me of the border fabric I used in this quilt top WIP [work in progress]. The blocks are a subset from my Farmer's Wife sampler quilt I started in 2018.

Astrology quilt top.

With a renewed interest in slow stitching, I'm considering hand stitched motifs in the woven alternate blocks. 

This is one of the corner blocks. It looks like a tree during the winter solstice. This quilt just might become my astrology quilt with each corner block representing a solstice or an equinox. Even the background fabric looks like a starry sky.

Winter tree

The shadows are long on this shortest day of the year. 

Stitching Success Tracker, December 21.

I'm looking forward to more hours of sunlight in the coming days.

Stan Leigh. One of our backyard kitties.

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