Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quilt needs a name

Here is a quilty gift for my MIL on her birthday. The featured fabrics are from a fabric line called Flower Show 2 by Benartex. It was quilted and bound in time for her birthday.

However, it needs a name! Got any ideas???
The finished quilt is 59" x 59". It was free-motion quilted on my Janome sewing machine with both cotton and rayon threads.

Feathers appear in the center and on the borders of this quilt. I love quilting free-form feathers. You can squish and moosh and squeeze them into just about any shape or space you need to fill... and they always look good.

For those that are wondering: I don't pre-mark my feathers. I draw the spine guideline with my favorite marking tool [a Chalk-O-Liner] and go from there. I also mark a line about 3/4" to 1/2" from the edge of the quilt top to remind myself of the binding edge.

Give me a good name for this quilt so I can make and attach a label.


  1. Anonymous8/21/2010

    Hi Vee,
    Your quilt is wonderful, just wonderful. Looks like "Flowering treasures" to me! Naming isn't my big thing however. I do think it is a treasure, you sure know how to score points with the inlaws. LOL I mailed my cards early this morning so they should get there by Monday....
    These cards depict my mood lately don't laugh when you see them. Sorry. Tell us how your MIL liked her gift. fondly,

  2. Ma liked the quilt! I think she is a little biased, however. Two other suggestions for names: "Happy Pansies" and "Flower Boxes." I like "Flowering Treasures" too!

  3. Anonymous8/24/2010

    Those blocks look like treasure boxes....thus my suggestion. Glad it went over big, it should, it's beautiful quite a step above, Vee. Such great eye appeal!!!
    Go ahead and look at my cards........it's OK. I bet I will hear you laughing all the way from
    Tennessee saying, "that woman is weird"!!!!!

  4. Clarissa offers "Birthday Bouquet" as a name. I like it!

  5. Oh Liz! Your cards cracked me up. Had to show my DH. I think humor is going to be a theme in this month's cards. Bonnie's card looks intriguing. Can't wait for the swap today.


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