Friday, July 30, 2010

ATCs: Architectural elements, form and function

Many architectural details are functional as well as decorative—the embodiment of art and craft. The "Architectural Elements" captured in the ATCs from the July ATC swap span the ages: from the back door to city skylines, and ornaments from the medieval to the Renaissance periods.

Did you know that the German and Dutch words for gargoyle mean "water spitter"? Or, that the ancient Roman architect, Vitruvius, was considered the world's first engineer? American architect, Louis Sullivan, coined the phrase, "form follows function." And his assistant (one of my favorites), Frank Lloyd Wright, carried out this philosophy with his own visionary style.

I hope you enjoy these ATCs and their references to the feats of artistic engineering that surround us in our daily lives.

Above right: "A back porch screen door. The dog wants to come in."

Left: "Architectural Elements in my kind of town, Chicago. Sears (Willis) Tower"
Right: "Architecture"

Left: "Stained Glass Window"
Right: "Architectural Elements—Downtown Memphis" 

Left: "Architectural Elements"
Right: "The Volute"

Left: "Architecture"
Right: "Architectural Elements—Downtown Memphis"

And, I always love the "interactive" cards:
"A back porch screen door. The dog wants to come in." 
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