Sunday, June 13, 2010

Friendship Album Quilt

A long-time member of my fiber arts guild, the Riverbend Fiber Arts Guild, was moving out of state. As a going-away gift, we designed a friendship album quilt for her.
A log cabin block was chosen for the center of the quilt. The bold, graphic nature of this block is classic and provided a variety of spaces for messages and signatures from guild members, friends and family.

The quilt top was a collaboration between my friend, Pat, and I. During the construction of the quilt, the piano key border strips and the quilt center were circulated independently to gather signatures from people in various places. Then, the borders were sewn to the center in preparation for quilting.
I free-motion machine quilted this quilt with a variegated 40 wt. cotton. Here is a picture of the pieced back. We need to come up with the name for this quilt. Any ideas? Then, we'll make a special customized label and it will be off to its new home.

"Friends and quilts become more cherished with time."

Keepsake Signature Quilts
Make a signature quilt for someone special in your life. Here's a great reference to get started.
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