Saturday, June 26, 2010

Folklore ATCs

Folklore reflects the culture and customs of a people through stories, music, dance, legends, proverbs and popular beliefs. These tales, fables and traditions from across the continents were captured in ATCs at the June FiberAntics ATC swap. Here are the illustrated stories from "Folklore Across the Continents."

Le Petit Prince/The Little Prince (left) "One sees clearly only with the heart," said the fox. "Anything essential is invisible to the eyes. People have forgotten this truth."
Belsnickle/Kris Kringle/Ginter Klaas (left)
The story of the Old Man who made Withered Trees to Blossom (right)
Impotency Cure—China (left)
Alligators in  the Sewers of New York City (right)
Robin Hood and Maid Marian—English and American Folklore (left)
Kimono—Japan (right)
Dragon Amulet for Protection (left)
Scottish Fairy from the Seelie Court (right)
The fairies help the poor with gifts of corn and bread.
El Chupacabra, The Goat Sucker—Mexico (left)
Voo Doo—Haiti (right)
 Faeries, sylphs, undines, elves, pixies, sprites or banshees...
they are eager to enjoy their new home with you!
 And, as we all know: "Your face will stick that way!"

So, what's your favorite folklore tale?


  1. Oh WOW!! These cards get better every month! I am soooo glad I joined this swap. You deserve a medal or some kind of award for all the time and energy you have put into this project, Veronica, for bringing so much to so many. Thank you.

  2. Marilyn:
    I think my favorite is "Your face will stick that way!" How many times have we heard that growing up???

  3. the chupacabra monster looks obscure. maybe it would be better if you add few general lines just to get the feelings of a real figure


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