Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stitches South Expo

I attended the Stitches South Expo again this year—fabulous classes and a market full of luscious yarns and mouth-watering eye candy to see... and touch and feel. I sought out the Universal Yarn booth to see if Hal (the owner) was there this year. I wanted to show him what I've been doing with Universal's tape yarn (see my Yarn Fabrication vest in the pic below). Alas, Hal couldn't make the trip this year but I did meet Michael del Vecchio, Universal's Creative Director, who was intrigued with the technique and snapped a few pics. Here's a link to Michael's blog and what's going on at Universal.

While at the expo, I took a class with Lily Chin, knitter and crocheter extraordinaire. Don't let her size deceive you, she is a dynamo in the classroom! And, she speaks fluent knit-ese. For example, she told the class to pull out our "dippins" (dpns, or double pointed needles) and begin "kattoo togg tibble" (k2tog thru the back loop). She also interjects her teaching with knitting humor--"so, have you heard the one about the 3 knitters and the flasher?" (I guess ya had to be there.)

I have three of Lily's books. I brought two along to class which she graciously signed. These three (Knitting Tips and Tricks, Crochet Tips and Tricks, and Couture Crochet Workshop) are in my personal library, but after taking a class with her, I would recommend anything she publishes! Either knitting or crochet—she is a master at both.
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