Friday, May 28, 2010

A Bridge to different times and places, ATCs

What do London, Lloyd and dentures have in common? You guessed it. Bridges—the theme for this month's ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap. And, what interesting and clever interpretations there were.
Several of the traders said this was a more challenging theme. Do you think so? Leave a comment below. 

In choosing the themes for the FiberAntics ATC trades, I mainly try for a diversity of subjects: some relating to tangible objects, some to intangible concepts, possibly a reference to a current topic, phrase or saying, or maybe something familiar or recurring like a holiday or the time of year. Anything goes for themes and, of course, interpretation of them is wide open! If you'd like to join in a swap and give one of the upcoming themes a go, let me know. And if you have ideas for themes, tell me that too.  

So, here are the vast and varied interpretations of this month's theme:  "Bridges are America's cathedrals" (above)

 "Beam Me Up Scotty" (left)
"Evolution—Bridge to Modern Man" (right)
 "Bridges" (left)
"I will cross that Bridge when I get to it." (center)  
"Bridge over Troubled Water" (right)
 "Good bridges and good fences make good neighbors" (left) 
"Bridge over Troubled Water"

Fabulous art and interesting interpretations aside, one of the best parts of the trades for me are the personal stories that accompany the cards. I have to touch base with one of the traders who apparently worked at a coffee house in the same vacation spot that my grandparents had a summer home. Her story brought back fond childhood memories for me... a bonus "bridge" to my past. Has anyone else been to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin?
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