Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Great Cuddle Quilt Quest

My local quilt guild, the Choo Choo Quilters (Chattanooga, TN),  supports the community by making small quilts—what we call "Cuddle Quilts"—for children at the Children's Home/Chambliss Center. This year, the guild has created an initiative called the Great Cuddle Quilt Quest to promote this guild community service project and increase our quilt donations to the Chambliss Center. Here's the plan...

For the next several months, a quilt block and color family will be presented at the monthly guild meeting. Anyone wishing to participate can make one or more blocks which they will bring to the following meeting. The blocks are collected and sorted into groups of six. Each 6-block-set will make one Cuddle Quilt. Guild members can then take the block-sets home to add sashing and borders to make a quilt top. Tops are collected at the next meeting for other members to quilt, and then bind. Members can choose to do one or multiple steps in the quiltmaking process. Points (chances to win in a drawing at the end of the Quest) are awarded for making blocks, tops, quilting and binding.

This is a great opportunity to dig into the fabric stash or scrap box (we all have one) and make a quilt or two... or five... for a great cause. Everyone can participate by choosing the step or steps they most enjoy (piecing, sewing the top, quilting, binding). The first block pattern issued is a 9-patch. The block size is 12-inch (finished) using primary colors (red, blue, or yellow). Let the Quest begin!


  1. Anonymous4/09/2010

    So what are you saying here? Would you like others to contribute blocks to your very worthy cause? You want 12" nine patch blocks in primary colors of red, blue and yellow? I assume you mean finished 12" blocks? Let me see what I can do next week.

  2. I'm sure the guild would take any donated blocks anyone would like to contribute. Thanks!


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