Sunday, May 10, 2009

Serving up Boodles

I'm excited about a new product that we've created at my quilting and fiber arts store. It's a collection of 40 precision die-cut fabric circles in 4 different sizes and coordinating colors. We're calling them "Boodles"--a name developed with creative (and a bit goofy) input from my DH, Larry. Here is a tray of Boodle collections prior to packaging. Boodles, anyone?
We introduced Boodles to an enthusiastic group of quilters at a quilt-in at the end of April. And since then, Boodles have been making their way into quilt tops, borders, sashings and who-knows-what. Check the website for the Boodle applications we've devised. If you'd like to order Boodles, call the Studio (Update: this store is no longer open). I'd love to know what you do with your Boodles!

Boodles come in various color and print combinations--Purple Plumes, Summer Sorbet, Lime Greenies and Apple Bonker Reds (anyone remember the Beatles in Yellow Submarine?) to name of few. We come up with new assortments all the time. What's your favorite flavor?

And here's the little quilt that inspired the first Boodle collection. Kind of like "black and white and Boodles all over."

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