Sunday, May 31, 2009

Knit One Below, k1b

I learned the Knit One Below (k1b) technique while attending Stitches South expo in April (see previous post) and here is a finished scarf I knitted using this stitch. The scarf is a modified version of the Inside-Outside scarf in Elise Duvekot's Knit One Below book. It's knitted with two colors of Sensational yarn from Universal Yarn's Fibra Natura line.
I really like this technique as it offers myriad creative possibilities--in color, pattern and yarn combinations. I taught the technique at a recent Stitch Pattern Monthly session at a fiber arts shop. With a little practice, all my students began to master the knit-and-slide of a two-yarn technique and the rhythm of the *k1, k1b* sequence. Oooh the possibilities of this technique!
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