Sunday, June 23, 2019

New work, new direction

Inspiration: use nonstandard materials, introduce new tools, layer in three dimensions, take the familiar and merge it with the unconventional. There is much to contemplate, study and explore after spending studio time with Michael Brennand-Wood.
Staple gun, thread and fabric bits.

First sketch: a minor attempt at a three dimensional composition.
Detail: Sketch 1

Unfamiliar tools.
Wire cutter and pop riveter.

Collage. A bit surreal.
Sketch 2

Incorporating dimensional elements. What is the dialog?
Progress: Sketch 2

An inspiring director looks at the skills, abilities and experience of an actor. He contemplates. Then he gently encourages a new direction in which the actor should go.
In the studio with Michael Brennand-Wood.

I'm hoping a departure from the familiar will inspire new work.

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