Sunday, April 21, 2019

Annual Easter egg coloring event 2019

Over the 10 years of this blog, I've documented our annual Easter egg coloring event. Sometimes we discover a new dye or embellishment technique to try. Sometimes we stick to the tried-and-true basics. It's fun, creative and relaxing either way.
2019 colored Easter eggs.

Egg and basket prep
Only one of the 3 1/2 dozen eggs was lost [cracked] after the hard boiling process. We worked with both brown and white eggs and I made fabric baskets this year using the Melba Flower Basket pattern from The Textile Pantry.
Fabric Easter baskets and hard boiled eggs await coloring.

We break out the big box of 96 Crayola crayons and begin the process.
Egg coloring process.

Free Motion Quilting motifs
This has been the extent of my free-motion quilting this year—putting the designs on hard-boiled eggs.
Colored eggs with free-motion quilting motifs.

Shibori resist dyeing
We experimented with the shibori resist dye technique on the eggs a few years ago. It's a favorite and the results are always graphic and interesting.
Shibori resist dyed eggs.

A few eggs were dyed solid. The dyed brown eggs have a rich depth of color.
Resist dyed and solid dyed eggs.

I was surprised that 8 eggs fit comfortably in the fabric baskets. 9 would be do-able but possibly a tight squeeze.
Colored Easter eggs in fabric basket.

On Easter Sunday, the eggs are placed into the baskets, ready for giving.
Easter egg baskets.

Wear an official egg-coloring cap
Here is our resident expert, chief egg boiler and co-colorer. He is wearing one of his official egg coloring caps.
Do you have an official egg-coloring cap?

Happy Easter 2019
Now look forward to several days of egg salad!

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