Sunday, January 13, 2019

Spicing up the Farmer's Wife sampler with more AGF prints

Picking up the Farmer's Wife block project... and making progress. These 9 have hit the finish line.
Farmer's Wife blocks (from top left): #75 Rosebud, #55 Linoleum, #39 Friendship
Middle Row: #71 Kitty in the Corner, #48 Homeward Bound, #35 Flower Basket
Bottom Row: #56 Maple Leaf, #40 Friendship Block, #61 Northern Lights

A benefit of tidying up my studio space is that more Art Gallery prints (were uncovered) have been introduced to the fabric smorgasbord for these blocks. Close-ups of my latest favorites are:
Farmer's Wife Block #39: Friendship 

Farmer's Wife Block #40: Friendship Block

Farmer's Wife Block #55: Linoleum

Farmer's Wife Block #71: Kitty in the Corner 

This sampler quilt project started with a fat quarter collection of Art Gallery's Color Masters, but the addition of the Elements blenders and prints from other AGF collections has made this sampler more robust. Each block is a gem on its own and I believe the expanded range of values and prints will add complexity to the composition and delight to the eye.

Plus, it's just more interesting and fun for the maker!

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