Sunday, April 1, 2018

Egg coloring session 2018

Eggs + dye + Crayola crayons + imagination = fun with color and pattern.
Hand dyed Easter eggs.
This is the photo sequence to go from white eggs to colored and patterned Easter basket creations.
1. Get someone to color with you.
The helper.
2. Use crayons from the Big Box of 96 to draw designs on hard boiled eggs. Dunk eggs into the dye to achieve desired color saturation.
Hard-boiled white and brown eggs ready for coloring.
3. Set dyed eggs in the egg carton to drip dry.
Set eggs in the carton to dry.
4. Arrange colored eggs in the baskets or containers filled with paper grass. Add candies and chocolates as desired. 
Arrange colored eggs in baskets.
5. Give them away and make someone’s day! Have a Happy Easter.
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