Sunday, October 1, 2017

Strike Zone: a raw edge applique flannel quilt

Welcome to October... and the last day of the regular baseball season. This is another quilt from the archives, called Strike Zone.
"Strike Zone"
Strike Zone is a raw-edge appliqué flannel quilt I made for my husband in 2010. After 7 years of use and a number of washings (and dried in the dryer), it has held up well.
Strike Zone, 64" x 56", completed March 2010
The weather on this beautiful first day of October is prime for either outdoor or with-the-windows-open indoor activities. At 3:15 pm (Eastern Time) today, however, all the last MLB [Major League Baseball] games of the season will begin... and
  • baseball fans will be glued to TV screens or the field,
  • baseball widows/widowers will be enjoying other activities,
  • baseball fantasy league participants will be checking play-by-play and end-of-game points to reveal their final ranking.
Have fun and good luck to all!
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