Sunday, September 3, 2017

Kantha embroidery | slow stitching

Kantha Embroidery. 
Running stitches. Colored threads. And two pieces of cloth.
Kantha embroidery.
This is one of the stitching exercies from Dorothy Caldwell's workshop.
Kantha embroidery on bleach discharged cotton.
The fabrics were discharged with bleach. The mark-making tool was a chunk of a pool noodle.
Kantha embroidery. Back side.
A buttonhole stitch finishes the edges.
Kantha embroidery piece, 15" x 4.5".
To me, the discharged images look like moons... or planets... out in space. Maybe this can be my piece to commemorate the 2017 solar eclipse.

My current kantha piece is this Adornit ArtPlay Stitchery from the Calendar Girls collection. The traditional and kantha embroidery is done on a yarn-dyed cotton from Diamond Textiles (PRF-569). My plan is to fill the background with the Kantha stitching.
Kantha stitching surrounds a basic embroidery.
I so love the magic of slow stitching.
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