Friday, November 25, 2016

Colors and textures for the Winter season

With Thanksgiving behind us, the shorter days and colder temperatures brings a focus to the winter season. The landscape has turned to russet and chestnut browns on the tree-filled hillsides, mossy greens on the forest floors, and ash grey, charcoal and ebony in the post-harvest fields.

In perusing my Art Gallery fabric collections, I found these prints that reflect the colors and textures of the season. A cooler, muted color palette can be accented with warm mustard, gold, cardinal red, aubergine or boysenberry for a touch of warmth and richness.

The print at the left is a panel from a recently released collection called Lagom. "Lagom" is Swedish for "just the right amount." (I love that thought.) For inspiration, visit the Lagom Look Book.

From the Forest Floor collection are these two timber prints.
From the Forest Floor collection by Bonnie Christine.
From the Forest Floor collection by Bonnie Christine.
Among the other favorites from Hello Bear is this landscape print.
From Hello Bear by Bonnie Christine
Some birds have made their migration southbound. For those that stay close to home, we'll fill the bird feeders and hope the squirrels don't get there first.
One of the many Timeless Prints from Art Gallery Fabrics.
I like these stylized owls from the Heartland collection. It would be fun to superimpose the grey and mustard owls in a strippy patchwork to make the owls two-tone. The grey version also comes in a knit. Here is the Heartland Look Book.
From the Heartland collection by Pat Bravo.
The pine tree prints from Heartland would make great throw pillows or pillowcases to dress the bed.
From the Heartland collection by Pat Bravo.
So if you're looking for a diversion from the traditional red/green or blue/white color schemes this season, look for these fabrics at YLQS [your local quilt shop]. They're apropos for the entire winter season—through the holidays and into the new year.
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