Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Paper piecing class preps quilters for Arcadia Avenue BOM

Twisty Star, Intro to Paper Piecing.
In preparation for an upcoming Block of the Month (BOM) program, one of our local quilt shops asked me to teach my "Twisty Star" Intro to Paper Piecing class. Anna, the owner at Sew 'n So Quilt Shop, is rolling out the Arcadia Avenue BOM next month and this quilt uses paper piecing for the block construction. My Twisty Star class is geared toward quilters who are new to paper piecing or anyone who needs a refresher on the technique. So, for the quilters that spent last Saturday with me, you're all set to tackle Arcadia Avenue!

Because of the paper piecing demand, one more session of the Intro to Paper Piecing class is scheduled for this Saturday, October 1. Call today (706) 217-8111 if you want to join me!

In last Saturday's class, the classroom was full. The energy was high and everyone was excited to learn this technique.
I had a blast with these students!
Kay (left) and Nita at my Intro to Paper Piecing class.
They were quick to pick up the technique and made tremendous progress in class. Here are some of the blocks that were completed in class. I found it interesting that the majority of the students chose a darker background this time. Usually I see lighter backgrounds. A change in trends, perhaps? Or maybe the class sample provided a subliminal influence...
Students' finished Twisty Star paper pieced blocks.
Anyway, I don't know if it's the fall season coming on and everyone is getting back into the groove of quilting and sewing, or if these students wanted this project completed before embarking on the Arcadia BOM, but several of the students have already finished their Twisty Stars and sent me photos. Way to go! 

Here is Kay's Twisty Star. Great choice of fabric for the border, don't you think? The flowers and leaves make a lovely complement to the geometric angles of the star.
Kay's Twisty Star
Denise used a festive collection of reds and blacks. You might not see it in the photo, but these fabrics have metallic highlights that enhanced the prints. And Denise's project is already quilted!
Denise's Twisty Star
Jo-Anne chose a primary color scheme which shows off wonderfully on the dark background. The yellow star points make quite an impact. Great job!
Jo-Anne's Twisty Star
Back to the impetus of this class... Shown below is a sneak peak of the Arcadia Avenue BOM blocks at Sew 'n So Quilt Shop. The quilt design has a modern vibe and Anna's choice of blacks, whites and greys, paired with a rainbow of batiks is stunning.
Upcoming BOM program at Sew 'n So Quilt Shop features paper piecing.
I am looking forward to another group of eager quilters in this Saturday's Intro to Paper Piecing class. If you want to learn or get a refresher, call Anna at Sew 'n So Quilt Shop (706- 217-8111). Paper piecing offers several advantages over traditional piecing, it's fun (especially with a group like those in last week's class) and it's a good technique to have in your quilting repertoire.
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