Saturday, July 2, 2016

Relax with Glorious Holiday Hexagons on World UFO Day

I guess there's a day for everything because today, July 2, is World UFO Day. If you're a quilter, however, UFO stands for "Unfinished Object." In other words, a project that was started but hasn't yet been completed—for whatever reason. Oh, and there's no shame in having unfinished projects... just sayin'.
Glorious Hexagon: #2 Carol block
made with Woodland Christmas by Gina Linn for Blank Quilting.
This is also the July 4th holiday weekend. And with all the holiday fabric lines out in the quilt shops, this long weekend is a good time to snatch up a half yard of snowmen, reindeer and pumpkins, some fat quarters of a snowflake or candy corn print, and some coordinating blenders and enjoy slow stitching of Glorious Hexagons.

I purchased either third or half yard cuts of several holiday fabric collections at Machine Quilting by Iva in Sevierville, TN in May.
Grab a half yard of a holiday print and some coordinating blenders.
It's never too early to get a start on holiday projects or gifts, right?
Snowmen hexagons with Woodland Christmas by Gina Linn
and Winter Bliss by Sharla Fults.
Because of the size of the snowmen and the repeat of Winter Bliss (shown below), I was able to get several matching sets (six of each shape) out of that piece of fabric. Enough for four large hexagons, with the possibility of 1 or 2 more.
Various fussy cut snowmen pieces from Winter Bliss.
The spring green and red blenders are in keeping with the fall and winter holiday colors.
Cheeky Pumpkins with a spring green blender.
Winter Bliss with a red blender.
Winter Bliss with a green blender.
Here is the red colorway of Woodland Christmas.
Woodland Christmas (red colorway).
So as you celebrate UFO Day, Independence Day, or Christmas in July, take along a bag of hexie bits to the park, the pool, the lake or a barbecue... or sit on the couch in front of the TV. Just relax and enjoy the long weekend with Glorious Hexagons hand stitching.
Three holiday hexagons.
Start some new UFOs. You can't have too many!
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