Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Defining Contours with trapunto

My "Making Faces" sample with free-motion fillers
and machine trapunto.
This [in-progress] sample is part of the Show and Tell for my "Defining Contours" free-motion quilting class at Huntsville Sew and Vac this Saturday, April 16.

The face was from a "Making Faces" workshop with Melissa Averinos (fabulous teacher, by the way) and I've paired it with machine trapunto, free-motion micro fillers and ruler work—techniques I'll be teaching in "Defining Contours."

The first photo shows where I started free-motion quilting at the top and around the word "listen." The thread is WonderFil Invisafil 100 wt. 2-ply poly thread. The photo below has more free-motion work in the background and vertical quilting lines on the face. The 100wt. is barely visible and does not detract from or obstruct the face.
More quilting.
I'm testing a new-to-me batting from Air Lite Manufacturing for the trapunto work. It's the Bond Tight Lined 100% poly batting; low loft. I used a single layer for "listen." You can better see the dimension that is created with the trapunto in the photo below. The full layer of batting (the base layer) is also by Air Lite—Colour Me Cotton, cotton/polyester blend (85% cotton, 15% poly).
Machine trapunto with Air Lite batting.
I'll write up a batting review once the piece is finished and blocked.
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