Monday, February 29, 2016

My hexagons are glorious and scrappy

I've been EPP-ing (English Paper Piecing) my Glorious Hexagons, and it's becoming quite addictive. Because of the possibilities this technique has to offer, I find myself looking at fabrics in a totally different way.
Progress with the "Glorious Hexagon Quilt Along"
I quilt by the philosophy, "Why use 5 when you can use 50?" and I also adore scrappy quilts. So for right now, I'm just enjoying the EPP process while using random fabrics from Blank Quilting and StudioE Fabrics. Here are a few of them.
From "By the Sea" by StudioE Fabrics.
"A Stitch in Time" and a Splash blender by Blank Quilting.
"Natural Wonders" and "By the Sea" by Elizabeth Isles from StudioE.
Shoes from "Lady Claire" and "Bonita" from Blank Quilting.
"Gentle Forest," Autumn Elegance" and "By the Sea" from StudioE.
Several friends and I are also posting photos of Glorious Hexies and other projects made with fabrics from Blank Quilting and StudioE on our Blank Quilting Q-bies and StudioE Fabrics Q-bies Facebook groups. Come over and join in the fun.
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