Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Learning "chain piecing by hand" at Paper Pieces

JoAnne demonstrates chain piecing
with English paper piecing.
You don't have to be quilting or piecing very long before your hear the term or learn "chain piecing" and realize how efficient your block assembly can be using this technique. For the newbie quilter out there, chain piecing is when you sew your fabric units together by continuously feeding the pieces under the presser foot and [chain] sewing without cutting the thread between units. Here is a video.

But did you ever consider chain piecing when doing hand work? Duh. I hadn't. It's such a simple concept, it's brilliant!

So last month when I was at Paper Pieces in Paducah, JoAnne, the shopkeeper, gave a group of quilters a demo on English paper piecing with hexagons and I learned this cool tip. You know us quilters, we like those tips and short-cuts to make the process easier. Can I get a whoop whoop???

Everyone in the group got a "starter kit" of English paper piecing hexagons and 7 fabric squares. Paper Pieces partnered with Blank Quilting on these sampler kits and Blank provided fabrics. You can see the warning on the package in the photo: "Warning: Addictive and Contagious!"
Chain piecing hexagons by hand.
What a time-saver this is when making hexies by hand! With these little 1" hexies that we got in a sample kit, you can get 3… maybe 4... hexies paper pieced without having to start a new thread or tie off. Just make a back stitch to secure and keep on going. Let those little babies dangle and keep on cruising. Here is some of the fun we had.
English paper piecing demonstration.
Working up those hexies!
Lily, the dog who lives at Paper Pieces, makes friends with anyone who will pay her some attention.
Lily makes friends with visitors to Paper Pieces.
Lily watches for visitors coming up the front walk.
Lily watches for visitors.
Thank you to JoAnne, Jess and Cathy at Paper Pieces for your hospitality and another great visit! Seems I'm making a habit of visiting this place every time I'm in Paducah. [Here is a previous post.] EPP (English paper piecing) paraphernalia, quilt samples, books, inspiration and a big friendly dog. Hey, what's not to like??
Paper Pieces, Paducah, KY
Here is the EPP gang on the front porch of Paper Pieces.
Quilting friends at Paper Pieces, Paducah, KY.
And this is my finished English paper pieced hexie flower. I'll have to find a special project for it.
English paper piecing hexagon flower.
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